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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

honour the morning

your sun rose

and never set

you want to change the world

but do not underestimate

the power

of your personal transformation

if you believe they moved mountains

then you can certainly heal that thing

abide in

the dimension of miracles

the world reflects you

you do not reflect the world

notice when it opens

that you’re not the one opening

openness is opening

you decide what’s sacred

it can all be sacred

you are deciding right now

you can tell what you are choosing

by the softness of your palms

and the height of your shoulders

and the ease in your jaw

and the hint of a smile

in your eyes

in your lips

in the lightness of your step

you’ve always known this

you cannot realize for another

you can only love them

exactly where they are

this is not their cure

it’s yours

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