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Hearing = Healing

Guided meditations can hold you back. Hear yourself.

We meditate in silence, as the silence. So why listen to someone else tell you how to meditate? Healing yourself requires hearing yourself. Listen to your heart, not another’s words. Unguided meditations create space for miracles that illumine your soul in a way someone else never could. Spontaneous mystical experiences generated solo — through your soul’s lens, are always perfect for you. Miracles of healing cannot be formulated.

Someone else telling you where the light is coming from, what it is doing, or how you should breathe, think, sound, or speak to access it, pulls you into their sphere of divine communion and mutes your own very important direct line to spirit. Guided meditations point your awareness to where the teacher is speaking from, but they can limit it too. Open to the possibility that your consciousness is deeper than the person you are listening to.

There is a Niagra Falls of celestial light galloping towards the earth right now. You need to ensure that you are attuning to the proper streams, to pull and lift you into your life’s purpose. I know we sometimes want someone else to bring us home, but the inward journey is not one we can fully traverse with anyone. It’s a deep dive into our aloneness, from which we emerge into a togetherness and unity beyond comprehension.

So keep your meditations, with yourself. Hearing = Healing.

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