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miraculous solutions are nature's order

Your challenge is not physical, it’s spiritual, and this celestial light will trickle down into the material realms, transforming all flesh from within.

The conquests are as follows:

Can you hear your voice when these words are so new to you? And nobody’s listening but you? Can you hold your vision as false reflections fall? Attend your church of choice, with no place of gathering? Feel your body, without another’s touch? Resist the endless temptations to abandon your great task, again and again? Will you prioritize your own Self led journey more than ever before? Seizing this fertile precious pause. You’ve preyed for this time. Stabilize your harmonic. Connect with the source of all fulfillment — which the material world can only mirror.

When you trip, reestablish your own footing rather than mounting another’s horse. Re-lasso your soul.

The solution is not outside. No person, place, thing, or experience will satisfy. Though these worldly supports will orbit, once you are living authentically.

Stop following the myriad of half-way healers taking prophet stands on our collective vulnerability. You don’t need a specific pranayama to boost your immunity. It can be as simple as going for a run with your spine a blade of seagrass. Or becoming the ocean in a long bath, letting the golden breath seep and labrythnth and heart beat, finding its seamless shimmering current within you. When we are led by this one breath, miraculous solutions are nature’s order.

In your important search for spiritual connection, choose your guidance wisely. Be cautious of what people, groups, and lineages you connect to. Specified breathing patterns, mantras, prayers, detailed visualizations, all instruction really, can have ‘real’ impact. They may not steer your soul to its designated ocean, or even any ocean for that matter. Mismatched spiritual practice can tangle and disorient you.

You want a clean thread between you, your soul, and the place without a place, in which we are all exactly the same. If the luminous braid gets tangled, it hurts your body and mind. Let the smooth impulse of life generate and reach unencumbered from its very source to your own fingertips. Good outside knowledge should ignite the light inside of you, so that your own light becomes your guide.

This is how you stay healthy: from the inside out, from the depths to the superficial. Live from the golden blanket, looking out of your own eyes. Always staying anchored in your spark to nurture a sacred weaving between your divinity and humanity.

Your morning runs can be so much more than morning runs if you bring your whole Self to them. This can be extended to any activity really. Simple actions performed with supreme care ripple infinitely through all of creation.

Use this alone time to follow your deepest knowings. To purify your inner world. As fragments of self arise to be bathed in light, be careful not to form new stories and feelings about the letting go or holding on. Simply be with them, unconditionally. Abide as truth, letting your fragmented parts puzzle-piece themselves back into wholeness.

All this happens through grace’s hand, not yours. Lasting healing takes place through eternity’s gaze.

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