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WE ARE ONE WOMAN #1 #81, Can you live the life of your paintings?

Updated: Jan 8

This art is emblematic of looking within and creating without, inspired by the tradition of female metaphysical artists like Agnes Pelton and Hilma af Klint. They began for me amidst a heroine’s journey of descending into dark dimensions of consciousness. I emerged from the darkness after receiving wisdom from ‘the golden blanket’, our quantum source. The visual messages bypass the mind in favour of the heart, encouraging a more feminine understanding of spirituality; more mystical than religious, and freely accessible through personal creativity. This work is also sequential, each image building on the essence of what came before, and is ongoing -- I'm well into the next drawings. My experience as a Reiki master and MFA recipient taught me to read subtle energy and translate light and peak experiences into art.

My motto is: keep it sacred, not a secret.

Here's a (short) story of WE ARE ONE WOMAN, featuring the Intimate Hug Dress:

Here's a (longer) story of WE ARE ONE WOMAN:

(video narration copied below)

1. STAY IN YOUR OWN CIRCLE. Don’t boomerang your brightest light through another. Be an emitter. No point in travelling through someone else’s soul circle and then back to you. No need to clean another’s house. You have your own laundry. Stop trying to see yourself through their eyes or hear your words through their mouths. You are also protected from their emissions. Their projections. They can’t even get close enough for you to notice them.

2. GET BACK ALL THE LIGHT. This is a lot more than just soul retrieval. It’s an everything retrieval. And the best part is you don’t have to do it. You just have to let the breathless breath flow in and out. Getting what’s yours back. Giving what’s theirs back. This journey flows on this one breath. It’s automatic once you get out of your own way. Bring it all home.

3. WHAT WOULD MY FUTURE SELF DO. She flows like a clear blue river this way and that, follows what feels good, flexibly — the smooth impulse of life from her golden star center.

4. DIVINE FILTRATION. This is how we let in and out the good. And press out the bad with stop sign hands. The centre is the strongest colour. Here’s the perfect semi permeable membrane. You never left. There’s always help. Love is all that makes it through until that’s all you can see.

5. NOTHING WILL DISTRACT ME. You pierce through to Love no matter what is around. No matter what comes buzzing, hovering, knocking, lurking, slithering. Have the courage to not go there. You know who you are and what you want in all times and places. What you want is an infinitely stronger tuning fork than bullshit noise. You’re always chillin and locked in to your vision.

6. ASSASSIN ASHLEIGH AND THE FIVE BLUES. Mmm can you feel your sleek team. They are sassy, alway present. And so are you. Check out your nails and hairdo and skin glow. Nothing can touch you now.

7. THE SHIT STOPS HERE. When it gets too close sometimes you just gotta get calm and firm in exactly the same way. A fierce non-acceptance. The cold hard truth. Purple eyelashes. Say it like it is. You can’t come any closer. The shit stops here.

8. ALL THE HIMS (LOST SOUL ENTITY). They may have a pseudo compelling birthday hat on but you will know immediately by their swirly eyes. They also give off a first impression bullet of sliminess and shiftiness. You’d never want to cuddle them even if they were the last moving thing and a zillion years had passed. It is more important than you know right now to turn your back on them at your first gut no. Before the fuzziness builds, turn your back and refuse to engage them. Offer no explanation, letting the triple black boundary birth from the golden blanket. No one can get through that wall.


10. BREATH IN ONLY LOVE BREATH OUT ONLY LOVE. Stay with that breath. The one where you offer and let in only Love. Open to receive the most beautiful lights.

11. DECIDE THE CHANNEL. You’re in the muck, you think you’re stuck. The good news is that you decide the channel. No matter how brown the surround you can slide to the light. You know the passage ways by heart.

12. INTEGRATION. You’re on that stage. You made it. We did it. The Source-to-Source timeline is secure. The new earth is born. Now go on and do as your future self would do.

13. NO NO NO NO NO YES. Your curiosity will kill you. They can’t come in unless you let them. A simple no is good enough. But sometimes it takes many no’s to accept your yes. They have to obey you. You’re the only one that can break the boundary. They’ll always exist in the infinite matrix. They’re on their own journey. No need to know anything more about them.

14. Why you haven’t healed yet. THROUGH AND THROUGH AND THROUGH all the rage and grief and all the pains into LOVE of Self. Don’t stop at the discomfort. Let it move through and find what’s underneath. You can’t get angry-sad by losing something that you don’t care deeply about. So keep going until you remember how much you love yourself. That you’re crying the hardest over abandoning yourself. And then vow to never say goodbye again.

15. SEALING TO ZERO. Clear out the remaining timelines. Commit absolutely to personal and universal boundaries rather than exploring what the timelines are about. Feel yourself getting brighter and the fences stronger? Weightless weight. Wide vision. No body tension in the usual holdings. No time.

16. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN ALL AT ONCE. The first circle looked like it was one, but it was two. An entangled pair, the new earth feeding the old. They split, the most important separation, never to be undone. The repair is in leaving the entanglement behind. The second earth becomes its own and all previous incarnations are history, never to be reborn.

17. RESIST THE PULLS. Beware of the pulls of time and space. Be in not of the world. Stand tall and strong, despite the whirling forces. You know the drill by now.

18. THERE IS NO FIXING THAT. There is only fueling this.

19. PROJECTION VACUUM. See how your negative thoughts about people drain your vitality. You lose so much energy by making them into something they’re not.

20. CLOSE THE PORTAL. Close the portal like it never opened. Live the life in front of you with your eyes open.

21. PROJECTION SEALANT. People’s thoughts about you can no longer hurt you. You can be in any room and they can think this or that and you won’t feel it. What matters is how you see both yourself and them.

22. LOOK TO LOVE ONLY. This Light is from the future. And it’s also here now, in simultaneous time.

23. ONLY YOU KNOW THE KEY. You emanate strong and bright from what matters most. Your aura has a special key that only you know. That way, your way, nobody can get in. Your code is uncrackable.

24. NOBODY COULD SAY I DIDN’T TRY. You left me on the bed to die. How am I supposed to follow that? I decided to give up. Nobody could say I didn’t try. Then ten thousand angels rained down and I decided to get back up.

25. WHEN IS IT MY TURN TO CRY? Haven’t you cried enough? Ask instead, when is it my turn to Live? How good can it get? It is all the face of God.

26. THERE IS ALWAYS HELP. The angels have landed.

27. MY SOUL WILL NOT BE BOXED. I saw where you put me. And now, I. Am. Out.

28. WE ARE TAKING OUR POSITIONS. We are incarnations of stars, planting new light.

29. SO MANY VOICES, ONLY ONE OPTION. When you’re drenched in silence, you can hear yourself. May we all be drenched in silence.

30. YOU CAN TRUST THIS. You can trust this. You can trust what you cannot see, feel, hear, taste, touch, or think of. You can trust this absolutely. In fact, you MUST.


32. THE SPACE BETWEEN REALITY... AND YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT IT. Immeasurable, infinite, of foremost importance. A distinction you must apply to EVERYTHING. Including YOUR ______.

33. YOU ARE CUTTING THEM OFF. Your body is within your soul’s light and for you only. Guard and solidify this togetherness through rest. You can feel when they come closer. Respond by resting deeper rather than resistance. When you fight, you invite a fight. When you worship the golden blanket, they are taken care of, on Her terms. But now, they are nowhere near, so rest.

34. THE PATH IS CLEAR. Be with your own lineage. From the golden blanket, to your soul’s light, to YOU, to the centre of the earth. Feel the central channel smooth and bright, all for you. There is help from the sides, from others, within your subtle body. They are felt as supportive energetic streams rather than gnawing interference.

35. KEEP THE PATH CLEARED, THE 7 LAYERS CHIZZLED. Understand the increasingly supreme risk of malalignment to your spirit and soul. Because the body and the life is within the consciousness, not the other way around.

36. SAY GOODBYE TO EVERY LINEAGE WITH A BLESSING. Stop looking for yourself through other lineages. You sit outside of them all. Observe the portals funnelling, but don’t spiral down. Respectfully decline the 20 year detours. Even after a few weeks of lineage association, climbing out and disconnecting is harder every time. Eventually you can hold your own with them, but for now, stay with yourself. Lineages are like (lifetimes) of rivers leading to the ocean. Stay in the ocean now.

37. THERE IS MORE SPIRITUAL LIGHT BATHING THIS PLANET THAN EVER BEFORE. Breath it in through every pore. This energy, light, ‘information’, is waiting for you, bathing you, blessing you beyond measure. She asks nothing but your openness and yeses. Anchor what you realize into the new earth, with the new earth and all her blossoming legions. Listen: there is a grand and bright future. She will take you there. hold the evolutionary vision, despite the surface reflections. This current bump is bit a blip, in the grand Source-to-Source timeline.

38. THE NEXT RIGHT STEP + HOLDING THE GRAND VISION + MIND PROTECTION. Simultaneous awareness of the next right step, while cradling the grand evolutionary vision. This is about multiple lenses of perception, side by side. Our mind protection must grow with our collective miracle. Our wholeness, our future, our NOW, is actively defended. Angels must be warriors. So let your mind barricade around the divine realizations, shutting out all interference.

39. CAN YOU LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR PAINTINGS? Can you HOLD the evolutionary vision while the worlds fall and RISE? Can you live the life of your paintings? Yes you can. You are not afraid, you were BORN to do this. Feel the yummy golden syrup pulsing through every part, coming from above, below, within and without. Let this dust settle and the golden age spring.

40. REACH FOR THE JUICE. I will not keep your secrets anymore. A prerequisite for your newfound condition is joy. Choose. Change. Reach for the juice. It’s the way of growth. The way that makes us Love the most. Worlds are falling and I feel sixteen again.

41. HOW TO MEDITATE. Don’t become one with infinity without a constant anchor into your body your mind your time your space. Or else you’re in danger of re-integrating the horror show. Because everything contains everything, but you only want to connect to YOUR thing for THIS life. You want to cut that jagged chord as opposed to retracing it with your awareness and then needing to purge it yet again.

42. WHAT IS THE LESSON? From the personal to the universal, nothing ever goes away until we learn what it came here to teach us. Why do I keep having flashbacks? Why is the virus still here? Gratitude for the challenges helps them release. What is the lesson, the gift? Contemplate constant soul connection — within and without, with every movement and every stillness. You and the collective must reach your tipping point realizations of what is true and important. What if this is all a call to Being?

43. THROW AWAY THE NET. Now is an excellent time to throw away all nets. There was never any safety in them. Do not retrieve the nets from the blackhole dumpster. Nets include, but are not limited to: attachments to — spiritual and psychological lineages, fellowships, gurus, all hierarchical organizations, those robes instead of your gown — basically everything but the True You. You know how to center yourself without running to more false moms and dads with strings attached. The big clue that you’re not on the path, that your soul designed, is that it is ‘clear’. Yes, if the path ahead of you is clear, it’s probably someone else’s. Throw away all nets now. Take this solo ride as a chapter to butterfly.

44. THROAT CHAKRA 101. For now, if it’s not kind, don’t say it. Definitely don’t do it. And the high bar is to not even think it. Kindness is not limited to ‘good’. Kindness is skillful accuracy and economy within all polarities. This will assist your throat chakra healing.

45. EVERYTHING CHANGES IN THE WAY THAT MAKES YOU LOVE THE MOST. You cannot grow on any foundation but LOVE. Beware of lower vibrational growth traps i.e. those that say ‘it’s gonna feel way worse before it gets better’. They are dead end paths. You can’t evolve where YOU are not. Stay in your window of tolerance. Keep one foot in the wholeness always. A bit sh*tty is ok but if things feel super bad, get the f*ck out. How may times do you need to remind yourself that everything changes in the way that makes you Love the most.

46. HOPE is a most precious resource

47. A NEW CONNECTION BIRTHING. We are learning to connect with ourselves, with our souls, so when we reconnect with each other again, two will be as one. Be with the other as a bonus blessing, rather than a need.

48. THERE WAS ALWAYS PERFECT BALANCE. So when you get all “it’s not fair, how could they do that,” pull back. You’ve played every part. They’ve played every part. Everyone was always playing their parts. There is always perfect balance, in every simultaneous moment, through the lens of the great expanse.

49. IT’S A CHOICE. Choose to move in a way where your world gets brighter. Be led by the omniscient light rope, your soul’s lasso. Feel the magnetic pull of silence in every new moment. It may feel trying at first, but as your disobedient parts fall away you’ll feel carried into an every-moment-fresh experience of eternal newness.

50. THE DREAM WAS THAT YOU LEFT. The moment when your prayerful devotion turns into the space from where you are looking. You were banging, crying, screaming, from within your own magnificence all along. Journey with no distance to the land that never ends. The dream was that you left.

51. THE SELF IS GREATER THAN ANY DESIRE FULFILLED. Go for everything you want — until you want what you cannot want — because you are it. The source of wants. The ultimate gelato. Every flavour eternally dripping, forever renewing.

52. THE STILLNESS THAT CAME OVER THE WORLD. You can always feel the descent of grace. A trench coat of sunshine. A golden blanket swaddling everything back into the light.

53. AS YOU MOVE TOWARDS YOUR GOAL, YOUR GOAL MOVES TOWARDS YOU. Your most exquisite and secret dreams can see you too. In fact they are champing at the bit for your focus, at which point, if you hold steady in your heart’s desire, your goal will gallop towards you until you mount it and ride it into reality.

54. THE STATE OF AFFAIRS. (Whether you like it or not). Aren’t you magnificent? A sun steeple. A golden mountain. Always aspiring. Tickled by angels, protecting you always. This, is your aura.

55. I WILL NOT FIGHT TO STAY HERE. I CANNOT FIGHT TO STAY HERE. Home is never a battle. If you’re thrashing, you’re not in your golden sphere. In your true home there is always circles of ease in every whole moment.

56. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, YOU WILL BE TESTED. Wholeness is defended confidently and calmly. Mindless defence provokes attack.

57. A STAR IS BORN, IN MERKABAHS WE SIT. You are an incarnation of a star. You can ignite spinning triangles around you, taking you when and where you want to adventure, all light years included.

58. THE GREAT SUN + NODAL POINTS = MATCHES MADE IN HEAVEN. Connect your marcocosmic dots to your mircocosmic dots. This blissful game of connect the dots is nearly done. Your one Source to your one self are no longer separate.

59. THIS IS NOT BREATH YOU ARE BREATHING, IT IS LIFE. YOU ARE LIFE. Connect to the biggest breath in this moment. The one that feels like a balloon, the one that literally moves your body, that feels like a soothing current. This breath is slow and gimumgus and you absolutely trust it. Even though it is invisible it is also impenetrable, a divine forcefield. This breath emits and protects the brightest light, which is you. The miracle is you.

60. ARE THE GOLDEN STREAMS YOUR OWN? CHECK! Often times we attach to information, which are really streams of light with a particular frequency, that are not meant for us. No problem. We’re running corrective diagnostic tests on your energetic systems, detaching from all foreign streams. Now all these golden ribbons are definitely yours.

61. WHEN YOUR FLOW WAS TO SAY NO! BUT YOU SAID YES. GETTING THOSE STREAMS BACK NOW! We all make mistakes. Mistakes are part of the human journey. And becoming your true Self means calling all the parts of yourself back that you forgot along the way. Rejoice this reunion.

62. LET IT IN AND ALL THROUGH. Wow, were you ever attacked there. I’m so sorry. Good news is that total healing is always available to you at the very moment of injury while you remain as Love. Shards of light pierce through the cosmos into your violated meridians, restoring these energetic pathways beyond measure. Let it grow up from the golden blanket to the hairs on your skin. The ultimate meridian reset.

63. SOFTEN EXPAND FILL. A rib cage for light years. You can breathe right through the cages around your heart. If you truly breathe i.e. let yourself be breathed, there’s no blockage to bust through. All you’ll feel is one breath forever seamlessly in and out. The bind was never there, except in your imagination.

64. FOR TODAY, LEAD WITH THE BELLY CENTER. Imagine yourself seated in a comfy chair in the attic of a little lighthouse that resides just above your belly button. Steer the ship of your life from here and let your extremities piggy back along for the joyride of your life.

65. S-s-S-s-S-s-SELF CARE. It is important to care for the ‘big S’ Self. It is important to care for the ‘small s’ self. Helping one helps the other. They are so intimately connected and mutually supportive — because they are not two. They are braided together into infinity.

66. THE CORD CUTTING TO END ALL CORD-CUTTINGS. Seriously, what the fuck bit into you? Who knows, who cares. It is off you now. Your golden blanket really has some epic alien demon limb removing chainsaws that put all horror movies to shame. They really came in handy here. Good riddance.


68. THIS TETRIS GAME IS FOREVER… EVERYTHING MATTERS. As he always says, ‘this game is a lot bigger than you think you know’. If you could see the domino effect into infinity of every action, even every thought, your brain would explode. So lets just try your best to do the next best thing. When in doubt, the next message is on the beauty channel.

69. DO NOT DO ANYTHING, UNLESS SILENCE IS THE LOUDEST SOUND. Don’t try to figure out what’s best with a mental process. It’s tiring, useless, unreliable. Just stop. Get still. Once the quiet has returned, let it move you.

70. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP REARRANGING THE DECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANIC. THE TITANIC = THE FALSE SELF. You are starting to see the dramas you should just abandon because any attempt at resolution is amplifying them. Trying to solve these problems, is the problem. Let these dramas drown.

71. ALL THAT IS REALLY HAPPENING NOW. Vertical axis is a tiny bit greater than the horizontal. The subtle perception here is that there is a bit more up and down than side to side. When you are rooted in this pure present moment, everything, yourself included, is now Love, dancing.

72. OLD EARTH DEAD. END OF STORY. Do not resuscitate! Freedom has landed. The boring old boys clubs are buried forever. The future is here now. Let this new earth keep sprouting from this new soil to this new sky.

73. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF US HERE. It’s easy to forget all that’s really going on. Oneness, just one of us here, dancing.

74. THE GRANDEST TEETER TOTTER… THE ETERNAL BALANCE OF EVERY MOMENT. This balance beam extends across all lands, times, galaxies, all of it. Despite surface tsunamis, it is always settled within. Rest back, enjoy the view, and reclaim your equilibrium.

75. YOU CAN’T HOLD ONTO IT YOU LET GO INTO IT. There is no net. There is no ceiling or floor. There is nothing to hold onto here. And yet, releasing your grasp, opening your palms, resting back, creates a knowing feeling of being held. A truly invisible through and through embrace from all sides and all ways that will never let you go.

76. YOU BE HERE BY REALIZING ‘Y’OU’RE NOT HERE. When you win that academy award, you won’t be here in the same way to carry it home.

77. A PAIN SO BIG ONLY GOD CAN HOLD (AND THAT IS OK). You don’t need to share this one with anybody else. Just you and God. You are not a bad person. You are okay. It’s not your fault. I love you. You are loved. You are Love.

78. A SMILE AS WIDE AS THE SKY. Your smile meridians latch onto cosmic superhighways, traversing the multiverse faster than the speed of light. That’s how big your effortless joy is.

79. THE PHYSICAL HEART MERGES WITH THE SPIRITUAL HEART. THE ONLY MARRIAGE IN TOWN. You are her most important ingredient. One Love includes you.

80. DEEPER, DEEPER, DEEPER STILL. I AM HER NOW. You have always wanted to become the person God saw you as. Now you are maintaining her through your own wise gaze and guidance. The subtle nudges to maintain equilibrium are not coming from the outside. You’re connected to the Source and are Self-sufficient. God is not an outside teacher but a friend who walks beside you. You have become yourself and can keep yourself yourself within the ocean.


WE ARE ONE WOMAN clothes and goods are home to cozy and mystical sketches which osmose into the being helping them reclaim their light with every use. Each of the 81 vogue yantras emits distinct energetic codes that integrate the universal feminine within ourselves and for our earth.

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