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What does it mean to become the person you are meant to be? Especially, when what came before, the foundation on which to build and grow, feels absent and even unsafe. How can embodied wholeness be realized, no matter what happened, and become an exhilarating point of departure for creative practice, and ultimately, life?


In Letters From my Future Self, my forty-two minute experimental film, I try to answer this question with material from my own life. By making art out of my personal history, and the mystical vision of a Future Self, trauma becomes a portal for healing, and discovering the beauty of the present moment. 


Drawing on my decade of experience as a holistic therapist, I bring my therapeutic insights into the art gallery. My goal is to illuminate and transmute the darkness within and without, into a poetic inner documentary, or as Sri Chinmoy writes, “a big surging wave that spreads all around and inundates everything, washing away all impurity.” 


In doing so, I offer my story as a template for others’ healing. I encourage viewers to embark on their own inward journeys of self-discovery. To enlighten that which they most wish to hide from and push away. To merge their divinity with their humanity, reaching a state of embodied wholeness, becoming their own Future Selves. For embodied wholeness cannot happen exclusively through the light. Our personal stories require illumination. As C.G. Jung said, “one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

These 7 short video poems appear within my 42 minute Masters of Fine Arts thesis film. Please note - these shorts are excerpts, not the entire film. To inquire about viewing the full film or reading the major research paper, please connect with me.

*Letters From My Future Self was shot exclusively on an iPhone 7 & GoPro HERO 6. 

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